Welcome to the Web Site of the Oxfordshire Rifle Association

    Although the badge of the Oxfordshire Rifle Association (ORA) would suggest that it was founded in 1862 the present  incarnation of the ORA started life in 1907 as the Oxfordshire Miniature Rifle Association. It is made up of about 26 affiliated target shooting clubs distributed throughout the County. A complete range of shooting disciplines eg Full-bore, Small-bore, Air Weapons and Historic Weapons, and to a limited extent, crossbow are supported somewhere within one or more of the Clubs. The ORA is affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) but several Clubs which shoot Full-bore are also independently affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA). While many Clubs have there own Indoor and Outdoor Ranges for Small-bore and related shooting, some clubs share these facilities. Full-bore shooting within the County is restricted to the military range at Otmoor, north of Oxford, but many  shooters make regular visits to  Bisley Ranges for practise and competition.

    The ORA, which has approximately 400 shooting members, promotes the safe, disciplined and well regulated sport of Target Shooting as a challenging recreational activity which can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups. Many Clubs provide coaching for Juniors and Beginners. If you wish to obtain more information about the activities of a Shooting Club near you click on ‘Clubs’.


    The overall organisation of the Oxfordshire target shooting is controlled by the ORA Executive, but the regulation and organisation of inter-club, county and inter-county competitions are under the control of the three main Sections or Committees within the ORA:

The Small-bore Committee (incorporating Air Rifle shooting)

The Full Bore Committee (incorporating Target and Classic and Historic Firearms shooting)

The Pistol Committee (incorporating  M/L Pistol, Gallery Rifle and Light Sporting Rifle)

Details of the ORA Executive, ORA Sections and Affiliated Clubs are available on the Web Site.

    The ORACLE is the Newsletter of the ORA. It aims to provide details of the activities of the Clubs and Sections. Entry forms and results of competitions are published at the appropriate time throughout the year. Newsworthy items relating to the development of, and political and other pressures on Target Shooting will be published as they appear. It is also hoped to take a look back at archived ORA documents to see how our sport developed in the early part of the last century.